This page lists changes that were made in the Pre-1.0 series of driver_common.

0.3.1 (2010-01-19)

  • 1.0 release candidate
  • Fixes to error message reporting
  • Added a SIGHUP handler to avoid hokuyo_node death when the hokuyo is unplugged on the robot.
  • Updated all licenses.

0.3.0 (2010-01-18)

  • reconfigure_gui: Scroll-bar ranges now limited to 5 significant digits.
  • reconfigure_gui: Turned off non-linear scrollbar scaling for finite-range parameters.
  • driver_base: Allow the standard diagnostic status to be extended by the particular driver.
  • driver_base: Improved error message logic to avoid printing errors in non-error conditions, and to print errors when they recur after a period of recovery.
  • driver_base: Hold the lock during self-tests. Avoids deadlocks when dynamic reconfigure is attempted during a self-test.
  • Uses the ROS SIGINT handler to allow CTRL+C to work at all times.
  • Documentation review completed.

0.2.4 (2010-01-15)

  • reconfigure_gui: Resets its connection to the node if the node got restarted.
  • Added exception catching around the user callback in dynamic_reconfigure.
  • Message tweaks.

0.2.3 (2010-01-14)

  • Minor documentation tweaks.

Dynamic Reconfigure

  • reconfigure_gui: automatically reconnects in a node is restarted.
  • reconfigure_gui: layout improvements.
  • reconfigure_gui: prints a message when it is launched.
  • dynparam: set_from_parameters warns if no parameters are found on the server.
  • dynparam: handles invalid input more gracefully.
  • dynparam: warns if it can't connect to the server.
  • dynparam: can handle yaml.
  • dynparam: paramset command is now get_from_parameters.
  • dynparam: fixed broken import.
  • python client: timeout=0 does not block.
  • python client: find_reconfigure_services returns a sorted list.
  • Added option to use your own lock in the C++ server API. Otherwise deadlocks were possible when the node triggers a reconfiguration when a reconfiguration is already going on.

Driver Base

  • Took duplicate node name out of the diagnostic status name.
  • Got rid of a potential dynamic reconfigure deadlock.

0.2.2 (2010-01-08)

Bug Fixes

  • dynamic_reconfigure: reconfigure_gui requires wxPython version 2.8 or later

  • driver_base: Removed obsolete services (were an early attempt at dynamic_reconfigure).

0.2.1 (2009-12-30)

Bug Fixes

0.2.0 (2009-12-23)

  • First stable release

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