This project is currently graveyarded (code on github). It may reinvent itself in the near future to accomodate convenient cross compiling with catkin, but that will probably be under a different banner.


  • Goals : a list of milestones to be tackled by eros.

  • Support : where to get help (other than here!).

  • Team : list of developers and testers.

  • Installation : methods via which to install eros.

Using Eros

Cross-compiling specific resources.

Preparing/running on the embedded board.

  • Root Filesystems : preparing a root filesystem for your board (crossdev/open embedded/t2).

  • Deployment : how to sync and update your ros tree with your board.

  • Running Ros : issues relevant to running ros on an embedded board (logging etc).

Platform support:

  • Arm : cross-compiling with arm gnu toolchains.

  • Mingw : windows cross-compiling with mingw32/mingw64.

  • Other : assorted information for other platforms.

Embedded Guides

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