The teleop_flyer node primarily forwards joy/Joy messages from a ground station to the control mode nodes running onboard. It should always be running. It also independently republishes the status of the joystick trigger on a separate topic (~motor_enable); this can be used as a safeguard in downstream nodes.



Teleoperation. Forwards joystick messages to control modes and translates some button presses as commands.

Subscribed Topics

joy (joy/Joy)
  • Operator joystick messages
controller/status (flyer_controller/controller_status)
  • Status information from controller node

Published Topics

~joy (joy/Joy)
  • Republished operator joystick messages
~controller_cmd (flyer_controller/controller_cmd)
  • Commands for controller node
~motor_enable (std_msgs/Bool)
  • Motor enable, set true only when trigger is pressed
~estop (std_msgs/Bool)
  • Emergency stop output


~joy_republish_rate (double, default: 20.0)
  • Rate in Hz at which to republish joystick messages
~max_interval (double, default: 0.5)
  • Maximum allowed time between consecutive joystick messages

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