ROS OS X Support

SIG Coordinator: William Woodall

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Topics: Maintaining ROS stacks on OS X, Satisfying Dependencies, Enhancing the ROS User Experience on OS X, Binary Distribution


  • William Woodall
  • Mac Mason
  • Ken Conley
  • Kevin Walchko
  • Billy Okal
  • Jon Fink
  • Nicholas Butko
  • Mark Moll
  • Brian Gerkey


Meeting 1, September 21, 2011

Homebrew Stack Status

Here is a list of the stacks with problems and why they have problems. It is now easier to list the stacks that do not work than listing the stacks that do.

Stacks that do not build (November 4th, 2011):

  • gmapping_slam
    • Depends on navigation
  • navigation
    • Depends on perception_pcl
  • perception_pcl
  • simulator_stage
    • Depends on stage
  • stage
    • stage trunk has moved to stage4 which has better os x support.
    • There is a Formula for installing stage4 via Homebrew
    • There are changes in stage trunk for stageros to build with stage4
  • simulator_gazebo
    • Depends on physics_ode
    • Gazebo is known to need patches and still segfaults
  • physics_ode
    • opende fails to run autogen, this is because of the version of autoconf on os x
    • There is a newer version of autoconf in Homebrew, but it is Keg only
    • The recommendation is to either make a Homebrew Formula for opende that uses the Keg only, newer version of autoconf or run autoconf on linux and package the configure script with the distribution so autogen doesn't have to be run on os x

Needs rosdep.yaml overriding (November 4th, 2011):

  • vision_opencv 1.6.5
    • Missing opencv2.3 entries
  • perception_pcl 1.0.1
    • Missing cmake, hdf5, libqhull entries
    • Also, cminpack and flann are built as ros pkg's, but there are homebrews for these
  • navigation 1.6.5
    • Missing netpbm entries
  • visualization_common 1.6.2
    • Out-of-date nvidia-cg, freeimage, libxrandr entries

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