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Gazebo Multi View Monitor Plugin

Description: This tutorial presents the gazebo multi view monitor plugin

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER



The gazebo multi-view monitor plugin records videos with up to 4 parallel camera streams.

An arbitrary number of cameras can be set up, from which the plugin can select and configure the video stream. The cameras can be updated dynamically during the recording. Time metadata can be logged in the videos as well.

The plugin exposes two ROS services to control the recordings:

Use the start_recording service to initiate a recording. You can pass as arguments the cameras with which to initialize the video stream. An empty camera name results in a null camera stream in the respective quadrant.

rosservice call /gazebo/start_recording "{cameras: {names: ['', camera_1, camera_2, '']}}"

Use the stop_recording service to save or discard a recording. The filename must be given without the extension (.mp4). The recording is saved in the directory defined in the plugin configuration.

rosservice call /gazebo/stop_recording "{discard: false, filename: navigation-test}"

Publish a message to the camera_select topic to update the video stream. You can specify up to 4 cameras for the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right quadrant, respectively. A camera name can be left empty to disable the respective quadrant.

rostopic pub /gazebo/camera_select gazebo_video_monitor_msgs/Strings "{names: [camera_3, camera_1, '', camera_2]}"

See an example configuration of the plugin in gazebo_multi_view_monitor_plugin.world.

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