1. 2.0
  2. Long Term


Currently implemented in tf2 in geometry_experimental stack.


  • We intend to simplify and clean up the tf api.
    • Tf itself will only contain the core APIs like "lookupTransform" in its public api, and will use its own transform data type.
    • seperate packages with template implementations will work with data types form different libraries. Each package will provide its own set of transform-functions that matches the specific data types of a library.
    • Plugins provide template-based conversion functions to convert between semantically equivalent data types of different libraries.
  • Provide a server/client interface for
    • long term tf data storage and querying
    • light weight clients, allowing for lower volume tf traffic.


  • We want to move towards the official Bullet release instead of our own patched version of Bullet.

Long Term


  • Improve tf_prefix/ multi robot support
  • Add velocity support
  • Add covariance/uncertainty support

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