The package provides a means of visualizing GPS and map data using the Open Street Maps GTK Widget.


Map Viewer for GPS position data provided by gps_common/GPSFix messages provided by gpsd_client. Due to GPS library and API synchronization issues this package requires Ubunut 10.04 or newer.

gpsd Version 2.92

Updating to the newest version of gpsd_client is also recommended.

Planned future updates include switching to UTM co-ordinate system and a standardized GPS message format.


You can run the gpsd_viewer on a pre-recorded bag file that comes with the package. First, make sure you have the ccny_ground_station stack downloaded and installed by following the instructions here.

Next, make sure you have the necessary tools installed:

   1 rosmake rviz rosbag

Finally, run the demo:

   1 roslaunch gpsd_viewer demo.launch

You should then see a map display and a moving marker for the position data that was recorded.



This node provides a map and displays a marker indicating the position obtained from a gps_common/GPSFix message.

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