Enterprise ROS

SIG Coordinator(s): David Vickers(SwRI), Shaun Edwards(SwRI)

Topics: Testing, Certification, Reliability, Long Term Support Versions


  • David Vickers
  • Shaun Edwards
  • Jack O'Quin
  • Geoffrey Biggs
  • Florian Weisshardt
  • Dejan Pangercic
  • Cedric Pradalier
  • William Morris
  • Nico Hochgeschwender
  • Ben Pitzer
  • Bob Dean

Mailing list:

Mailing list web page:

* http://groups.google.com/group/ros-sig-enterprise?hl=en

Proposed new features

  • Increased testing/regression testing capabilities
  • Specific functional changes that would support an Enterprise version
  • Specific defects that need to be fixed for an Enterprise version
  • Modifications to the coding standards for the Enterprise version (or for future versions)
  • Apply all or parts of existing/modified coding standards to additional packages
  • Analyze/apply fixes for common vulnerabilities (e.g., SAMATE Reference Database )
  • Implement safety-specific software such as software cages
  • Address security within ROS
  • Certification of Compliance with standards (e.g., IEC 61508 standard for safety-related systems)
  • Long-term support (LTS) – a version that will be updated even after other versions are release

Areas of Focus

  • Core ROS functionality (could also be a subset of overall core functionality)
  • Commonly used non-core packages
  • Drivers/Device-specific code
  • Third-party tools commonly used with ROS, including their integration with ROS

Funding Possibilities

  • Volunteers
  • Consortium
  • Companies
  • Government(s)

Time span / Scope

  • Specific version (groovy?)
  • Long-term support - specific version
  • Multi-version tasks
  • Infrastructure


First feature freeze (2012-08-15)

  • TBD

Final feature freeze (2012-09-15)

  • TBD

Release date (2012-10-15)

  • Bug fixes not affecting APIs

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