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Getting Started with ROS4HRI

Description: A quick tutorial to check the basics of ROS4HRI work on your machine

Keywords: hri

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


This tutorial assumes you are already familiar with the basic ROS concepts. If not, please start with the ROS Tutorials.

Get face detection working

publish your webcam video stream

$ rosrun usb_cam usb_cam_node /usb_cam/image_raw:=/image /usb_cam/camera_info:=/camera_info

face detection

$ rosrun hri_face_detect detect

ROS4HRI topics

Explore the results with rostopic echo. In particular, check /humans/faces/tracked

ROS4HRI visualisation

  • Make sure you have installed the ros-noetic-hri-rviz and start rviz

  • Enable the Humans plugin and configure it image topic parameter to point to /image. You should now see your face highlighted, along with facial landmarks.

You can now start the complete ROS4HRI walk-through.

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