Indigo Igloo Planning

Planning for Indigo will be done via Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs will be determined by the community and anyone interested in participating/contributing will be allowed to sign up. The SIG process is light weight and documented at on the sig wiki page.


  • Initial Fork
  • Alpha -- February 2014
    • Core packages released and building, ready for external releases
  • Beta -- April 2014
    • All packages as if it could be released
    • downloadable as desktop-full deb
  • Final Release -- May 2014


Maintenance Planning

sigs active in Indigo

Please add links to SIGs which are expected to be active during the indigo build cycle.

Python 3 Support

While the prebuild Debian packages of Indigo will still use Python 2.7 the code base should be migrated to support Python 3.3 (and higher) at the same time. The goal is that at least the core ROS packages will provide bilingual support for both Python 2.7 and 3.3 to encourage package maintainers to also update their Python code to support both versions (

The current progress is tracked in the rosdistro ticket #2427.

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