Republishes interactive markers for use with ros3djs (throttled to conserve bandwidth) and provides the get_init service.

Subscribed Topics

~topic_ns (visualization_msgs/InteractiveMarker)
  • the same topic an Interactive Marker Client would subscribe to

Published Topics

~topic_ns/tunneled/update (visualization_msgs/InteractiveMarker)
  • a republished version of ~topic_ns, published at a frequency of ~update_rate Hz


~topic_ns/tunneled/get_init (interactive_marker_proxy/GetInit)


~target_frame (string)
  • target tf frame - this is the frame that will be used by ros3djs as the fixed frame
~topic_ns (string) ~update_rate (float, default: 30.0)
  • the rate (in Hz) at which ~target_frame/tunneled/update will be published

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