1. Create and Export new Plugin

    This tutorial show how to create and export new plugins to the plugin system.

  2. How to use Dynamic Parameters in Plugins

    This tutorial describes how to (re)configure your plugins during runtime.

  3. Working with the Plugin Manager

    In this tutorial the basic capabilities of the Plugin Manager are introduced and basic explanations are given how to use them. This also includes how to query plugins from the manager.

  4. Important Code Hooks for Plugins

    Detailed information about available code hooks to be overwritten for advanced usage of the plugin system.

  5. Plugin Description Inheritance

    The plugin system supports complex inheritance rules for plugin definitions. This tutorial explains how to take use of this feature.

  6. Writing and Using a Simple Plugin

    This tutorial describes how to create and then load a simple plugin using pluginlib.

The primary reference for pluginlib can be found on it's homepage pluginlib.

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