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Gazebo Simulation

Description: Kobuki in Gazebo

Keywords: kobuki, simulation, gazebo

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


The gazebo version of kobuki models a subset of the real world functions of a Kobuki mobile base - drive wheels, casters, cliff sensors, bumpers. These are sufficient for experiments with navigation. One such is provided here - the obligatory cleaning robot table test.


sudo apt-get install ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-kobuki-gazebo

Keyop Kobuki

Start up a simulated Kobuki in an empty world:

$ roslaunch kobuki_gazebo kobuki_empty_world.launch --screen

Kobuki simulation with Gazebo

To see some action, startup Kobuki's keyboard teleoperation. In a second terminal:

$ roslaunch kobuki_keyop keyop.launch --screen

Tabletop Playground

Launch kobuki into an world populated with an obstacle-strewn tabletop:

$ roslaunch kobuki_gazebo kobuki_playground.launch --screen

Kobuki's Gazebo playground

In a separate terminal, start the random walker application:

$ roslaunch kobuki_gazebo safe_random_walker_app.launch --screen

Writing a Gazebo Plugin

The kobuki plugin can be found in kobuki_gazebo_plugins and is a useful starting point for writing your own robot plugins. Also, feel free to add to the subset of features implemented by Kobuki's gazebo plugin and send us a PR!

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