Note: This stack is designed for robots purchased before June 2014. For new robots, see the robotican stack.

Package Description

This package handle the communication with the APM 2.5 microcontroller and publish the readings of the following sensors: IMU (sensor_msgs/Imu), GPS (sensor_msgs/NavSatFix and sensor_msgs/NavSatStatus), Ultrasonic and InfraRed range sensors (sensor_msgs/Range) and PC battery voltage (std_msgs::Float32). The komodo_sensors node uses the node from the rosserial package (see for more details). The imu_filter_madgwick package (see is used to filter and fuse raw data from the IMU. It fuses angular velocities, accelerations, and (optionally) magnetic readings from a generic IMU device into an orientation quaternion, and publishes the fused data on the imu/data topic.

Package Configuration

Package configuration files are:

\launch\sensors_launch.launch - This launch file runs the serial comunication node from the rosserial package. Users can specify the GPS frame id. This file can be launched from the main launch file (komodo_launch.launch).

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