Package Summary

The ros_mscl package provides a driver for the LORD/Microstrain inertial products.


ROS driver for all of Microstrain's current G and C series products.

The interface makes use of MSCL (Microstrain Communication Library) from Microstrain to communicate with the device. Includes the following applications:

Supported Devices







The microstrain_inertial_driver is distributed as a docker image. More information on how to use the image can be found on DockerHub.


This package is being built and distributed by the ROS build farm. If you do not need to modify the source, it is recommended to install directly from the buildfarm by running the following commands where ROS_DISTRO is the version of ROS you are using such as melodic or noetic:


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ros-ROS_DISTRO-microstrain-inertial-driver


For more info on source code and how to build from source, visit our on our microstrain_inertial GitHub page.

For more information on the ROS distros and platforms we support, please see our page.


Configure Parameters

This node uses a params.yml launch file for ease of use. Simply copy paste the line you desire to change from params.yml into empty.yml. This new .yml file will override the default params.yml and if there are multiple lines of the same parameter, the last instance of the parameter in the empty.yml will take precedent. Assign an appropriate name as desired name to empty.yml.

Launch the Node and Publish Data

Messages Publishing

Standard ROS Messages

Custom Messages

MicroStrain Inertial provides additional functionality through many custom messages, built on our MIP protocol.


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