Installing Kinect Demos for DiamondBack

These instructions assume you are running Ubuntu, preferably 10.04. If you are brave, and want to use this on another operating system, please see the ROS General installation instructions, and follow the directions for desktop-full

  1. Install ros-diamondback-desktop-full

  2. Install openni ros wrappers:
    sudo apt-get install ros-diamondback-openni-kinect
  3. Get the rosinstall tool, git and mercurial:

    sudo apt-get install python-setuptools git-core mercurial
    sudo easy_install -U rosinstall
  4. wget the rosinstall file
    wget --no-check-certificate
  5. Check out the mit-ros-pkg code, as well as other needed libraries using rosinstall:
    rosinstall ~/kinect_demos /opt/ros/diamondback kinect_demos.rosinstall
  6. install the base kinect demo packages:
    . ~/kinect_demos/
    rosmake ni pcl_tools --rosdep-install
  7. install all the kinect demos (optional):

    rosmake skeletal_tracker hand_interaction kgui piano impromptu_buttons --rosdep-install

To maintain the environment variables necessary to run the mit kinect demos in new terminals, run:

  • echo "source ~/kinect_demos/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc

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