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Navigate with a known map

Description: Ramble in the known area with a previously saved a map.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Start Gazebo Process

Launch gazebo via following command:

$ roslaunch mrp2_gazebo mrp2_gazebo.launch

Start AMCL - Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization Demo

To launch amcl demo, just open another terminal window and type:

$ roslaunch mrp2_navigation amcl_demo.launch

This command starts the amcl application with a previously saved milvus_office.yaml map file by default. If you have map file of your own and want to start with that map file, just give it as a parameter to previous command:

$ roslaunch mrp2_navigation amcl_demo map_file:=/tmp/my_map.yaml

Note that map_file argument takes full path of your file. You can't use variables or ~ character on it. Now, You can start moving your robot.

Visualise AMCL via RViz

To get more details on the process you can fire up a new terminal and launch RViz;

$ roslaunch mrp2_viz view_amcl.launch

Now, we can see a map and representation of robot's possible locations, and the robot stands on the most probable one. You can control the robot via interactive markers, send a simple goal from RViz. When robot moves, you should be able to see probable locations and most probable one are changing.


From here you can move to our next section of tutorials which involves working with a real robot. Launch robot and control it from remote PC.

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