Installing the novatel_oem7_driver Binary Driver

There is a pre-built binary release of the novatel_oem7_driver by Hexagon | NovAtel®. It can be installed for ROS available through the ROS distribution. Typical ROS users will prefer to use this installation method.

Note: Binary support for ROS2 is coming soon.

Binary Driver ROS Requirements

The novatel_oem7_driver for ROS requires the base ROS distribution Kinetic or Melodic or Noetic

Binary Driver Installation

The novatel_oem7_driver is published in the ROS distribution. Therefore, installation of the binary driver simply requires installing the novatel-oem7-driver package.

This driver can be installed by the command:

sudo apt install ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-novatel-oem7-driver

For example, on a ROS Melodic installation, this would resolve to the command:

sudo apt install ros-melodic-novatel-oem7-driver

Building the driver from source code

If you cannot use the binary driver, you may consider building the driver from source code. The source build instructions are bundled with the code, provided on GitHub, here:

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