Anaglyph Generator

Description: Create 3D images (anaglyphs) using a Kinect

Submitted By: Colin Lea

Keywords: anaglyph, kinect

Anaglyphs have long been used to represent 3D features using 2D images. These have come in and out of popularity over the years and recently have been applied to movies as extra features on Blu-ray DVDs.

The way anaglyphs are generated is by displacing each of the color channels. Objects closer to the camera have a greater disparity to reflect the way humans see. Because eyes are separated, things at closer distances are further apart on the retina than things far away. Glasses come in a variety of colors that filter out specific light frequencies. The left and right lens are different in color -- The most famous being red/blue.

For this demo we use magenta/green glasses. They were purchased for 15 cents (USD) per pair at Blockbuster. Assumably they sell the same kind at other locations as well.

For a background on anaglyph images see the


I apologize for the horrible video. I had problems at the last minute converting the bag files to actual video -- hence why I had to use my camera phone. I will try to correctly upload a video (from the bag file) in the near future.

In this video you should see the video in anaglyph form.

Code to Checkout

Checkout the repository using git.

git clone

How to Reproduce Your Entry

Add '/Colins-Kinect-Demos/kinect_anaglyph' to the path and use rosmake:

rosmake kinect_anaglyph

In separate terminals run:


roslaunch kinect_camera kinect_with_tf.launch

roslaunch kinect_anaglyph view_anaglyph.launch

A window should pop up showing the video.




  • Kinect
  • Magenta / Green 3D glasses

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