Hand Detector

Description: Two programs that give access to the point clouds representing hands, both with and without Skeletal Tracking

Submitted By: Garratt Gallagher

Keywords: hand detector


Looking for Finger Detection? This is purely hand detection code - it does not differentiate fingers! For finger differentiation, see the finger detection demo

How to Reproduce Your Entry

Physical Setup

For this demo, all you will need is the kinect and some space.

Code to Checkout

  1. First you have to check out and compile the mit-ros-pkg repository. Please follow the MIT Kinect Demos General Installation instructions.

  2. You can then continue on that page to follow the instructions for installing the 'Hand Detection' Demo, which have been copied here for your convenience:

     rosmake hand_interaction

Running the Code

With the kinect plugged in:

  • roslaunch hand_interaction hand_detector.launch

To view with rviz, use the configuration:

  • rosrun rviz rviz -d `rospack find hand_interaction`/config/handdetection.vcg
  • Note: For more information on different ways to run this code, as well as tips for best performance, see the Hand Detection Demo page.


  • ni
  • pcl
  • hand_interaction
  • skeletal_tracker

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