Description: Fun interactive game based on the famous old game Lemmings. Your body is the controller.

Submitted By: Alberto Jose Ramirez Valadez, Jonathan Rafael Patino Lopez and Marcel Stockli Contreras.

Keywords: lemmings, kinect, game, body silhouette


Kinemmings. A multi-level platform game where the goal is to get little autonomous robots called kinemmings to the exit. To achieve this you need to use your body to prevent the kinemmings from going the wrong way and also to make bridges between the gaps, ensuring that all kinemmings survive by reaching the exit. The kinemmings have fixed spawn points.


How to Reproduce Your Entry

Physical Setup

The only thing that you need is a Kinect and your body. But be sure to use an empty room —it doesn't need to be big— because objects in the room other than your body will also interact with the robots and ruin your fun.

Code to Checkout

  1. Install cturtle base or diamondback full (may also work on other diamondback installations)

  2. Install kinect_camera package

  3. Install the opencv2 package

(Installing the kinect package ought to give you both of those last two.)

For cturtle users:

sudo apt-get install ros-cturtle-kinect
  1. Download the kinect_game package in this link:

  2. Make the package with the --pre-clean option to redo the directory structure to match your system (otherwise you'll get an error about alberto's file system):

    rosmake --pre-clean kinect_game --rosdep-install

Running the Code

Now you're ready to play!

  1. The game uses the open kinect driver. To launch it run:

    roslaunch kinect_camera kinect_with_tf.launch
  2. Then make sure you're in the kinect_game directory:

    roscd kinect_game
  3. And finally run:

    rosrun kinect_game game

Save those kinemmings!


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