Minority Report Interface

Description: A minority report-like interface that lets you drag around photos

Submitted By: Garratt Gallagher

Keywords: Minority Report


How to Reproduce Your Entry

Physical Setup

This works best with a projector, but any monitor will do. In order to not become confused, I highly recommend that you put the kinect over or under the monitor.

Code to Checkout

  1. First you have to check out and compile the mit-ros-pkg repository. Please follow the MIT Kinect Demos General Installation instructions.

  2. You can then continue on that page to follow the instructions for installing the 'Minority Report Interface' Demo, which have been copied here for your convenience:

    rosmake kgui --rosdep-install

Running the Code

This demo uses the finger detector. To launch it run:

roslaunch hand_interaction detectfingers.launch

The launch the gui:

rosrun kgui calgui

Now check the boxes 'online mode' and 'hand in'

*For tips on how to use this interface, see Minority Report Demo

Nodes Involved


  • ni
  • pcl

  • hand_interaction

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