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pal-ros-pkg contains the set of publicly available ROS packages created by PAL Robotics S.L.

Get the source

We provide rosinstall files that fetch our packages and their third party requirements for every supported ros distribution:



Check out REEM tutorials to get started.


Check out REEM-C tutorials to get started.

Previous available versions


Fuerte + Gazebo 1.5 standalone
  • To use Gazebo standalone please make sure to have Gazebo 1.5+ installed. Ubuntu users please install the gazebo and osrf-common packages.

  • You'll also need to do some environment setup for Gazebo to pick up the REEM model and worlds:

export GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH=`rospack find atlas_msgs`/lib:$GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH
export GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH=`rospack find pal_gazebo_plugins`/lib:$GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH
export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=`rospack find reem_gazebo`/models:$GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH
export GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH=`rospack find reem_gazebo`/reem_gazebo/worlds:$GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH

If you plan to use REEM on a regular basis, consider adding the above snippet to your ~/.bahsrc or equivalent.



The following is an example of a rosinstall invocation for ros fuerte that downloads the code to ~/workspace and preserves the default ros fuerte setup:

rosinstall ~/workspace

Available stacks and packages

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