wiggle_plug action is used wiggle the plug in and out of the outlet as well as detect whether the plug is in the outlet.

The action uses the pr2_arm_ik_action to wiggle the plug slowly into and out of the outlet. While wiggling the max motion of the plug is monitored, if the max motion exceeds a threshold the action aborts.

Action Goal

wiggle_plug/goal (pr2_plugs_msgs/WigglePlugGoal)
  • This sets the direction in which to travel, for how long, and at what frequency to wiggle. It also sets the abort threshold.

Action Result

wiggle_plug/result (pr2_plugs_msgs/WigglePlugResult)
  • This returns an empty result.

Actions Called

r_arm_ik (pr2_arm_ik_action)
  • This action moves the arm to a given pose.

Subscribed Topics

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Listens to joint_states to get the current joint configuration.

Published Topics

visualization_marker (visualization_msgs/Marker)
  • This shows the expected path of the wiggling plug.

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