Note: This tutorial assumes you already understand the PR2 safety system.
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PR2 logger

Description: This tutorial teaches you how to use the PR2 logging system

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


  1. Logging


The 'balloon' button on the dashboard is a summary of the robot logging system.

  • system?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=rxconsole.png

When you click this button, you'll get a new window with all the log messages printed by the robot. This is called the console window:

  • system?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=rosout.png

  • The console shows you what the robot is currently doing.
  • During the initial calibration of the robot, it can happen that one of the joints (e.g. on of the casters of the base) gets stuck. When this happens, the logging system will give you useful feedback on the console.
  • Try this out by restarting the robot (and the dashboard), and grab one of the arms during the calibration so it can't complete calibration. After x seconds of being blocked, you should see warning messages appear in the console window.

  • If one of the casters fails to calibrate (e.g. because the PR2 is parked on carpet), DON'T stick your fingers under the base to push the caster. Instead, gently push the robot back and forth by the shoulder. This will help the caster getting unstuck.

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