This package contains the relevant message types to interface with the simulation of the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL) that is also used for the Planning Competition for Logistics Robots In Simulation. The simulation environment is based on Gazebo and Fawkes. Detailed information about the simulation is available on the RCLL simulation website.

Message Types

  • This is used to emit special feedback during the execution of the explore_zone skill. Describes certainty whether a machine has been detected in a zone.

    The state can be unknown, definite yes or no, or maybe, e.g., spurious registering of an obstacle, might also have been a passing robot, recommended to re-visit later if there is time. (ExplorationZoneInfo.msg)

  • Describe the detected state of the signal light (during exploration phase). (MPSLightState.msg)


Service Types

  • Service to generate a navgraph based on a number of known (already expored) MPS stations (call during or after exploration). (NavgraphWithMPSGenerate.srv)

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