1. Overview
  2. Drivers


This package contains the RFlex driver and drivers for specific robots derived from it. The drivers are designed to be standalone drivers, not integrated into the ROS framework (with the exception of a few data structures that are convenient to use). The ROS integration is contained in separate classes which define the nodes.

The RFlex driver provides a means of controlling and getting data from six different subsystems.

  • Motor - Controls position, brake and reads odometry

  • Sonar - Controls the different sets of sonar sensors

  • IR - Infared sensors

  • Digitial IO - Varies per robot...possibly bump sensors

  • Joystick - For use with external joysticks that plug directly into the robot

  • System - Monitors things like battery status

The RFlex driver takes care of all of the input/output to the device and packet parsing. It saves the input to the protected variables. This allows the driver to be extended into a new class which interprets the raw data values.


Below is a list of the current robot drivers. Currently the only implemented drivers that extends the RFlex driver are the B21 driver and the beginnings of a ATRVJr driver.

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