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Programming the robot micro-controller

Description: This tutorial explains how to re-upload the code to the robot micro-controller (Atduino DUE).

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Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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In order to upload new code to the micro-controller, the following commands should be executed locally on the computer which is installed on the robot that we want to program:

Install Java

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc openjdk-6-jre
$ sudo update-alternatives --config java

Install the Arduino IDE

Install Arduino 1.0.5 from http://arduino.cc/en/main/software

Install Teensyduino

Download and install Teensyduino (Linux Installer (32 bit)) from https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_download.html

Check all checkboxes to install all libraries.

Don't forget to install the udev Rules.

Get the sketch and libraries

Copy the content of the ric/ric_mc/Arduino folder into your Arduino sketchbook location (usually ~/Arduino).

Run the ros_lib_make_libraries.sh from the ric_mc package.

Upload the sketch

Start the Arduino IDE and load the ric_sensors sketch.

From Tools->Board select "Teensy 3.1".

From Tools->CPU Speed "48MHz".

Click Upload.

Warning: Editing code incorrectly may cause damage to elements of the robot.

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