This is a beta release to get feedback.

Currently requires Ubuntu 10.04 or having appindicator installed

This package provides an indicator that displays the status of ROS. It shows the topics available and the nodes that are currently running. It is also possible to kill and restart ROS Core using this tool.

roscore does not save it's pid to a file by default so to stop roscore when it is manually started it must be run with the following option.

roscore --pid ~/.ros/roscore.pid


This package has just been added to the ihr_tools stack and may not be indexed yet http://github.com/IHeartRobotics/iheart-ros-pkg/tree/master/ihr_tools/

Install the ihr_tools stack.

   1 cd ~/ros/stacks
   2 git clone git://github.com/IHeartRobotics/iheart-ros-pkg.git
   3 cd iheart-ros-pkg/ihr_tools
   4 rosdep install rind
   5 rosmake rind


roscd rind
cd bin

Known Bugs

  • Underscores are not shown in topic names
  • This should probably be a background process
  • Cannot kill roscore remotely

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