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Description, drivers, moveit and demo for RealMan Robot Arms.

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RealMan Robotics



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Ubuntu Melodic 18.04 LTS


RM series manipulator is a high quality and low cost ultra-lightweight humanoid manipulator..
Under the condition of 5Kg load, the manipulator (internal integrated controller) weight is only 7.2kg, with up to 1: Ultra-high load weight ratio of 1.44, the maximum diameter of the whole arm is 11.4cm, the size of humanoid arm, the power under ordinary working conditions is no more than 22W, and it has abundant terminal interfaces and controller interfaces to meet the needs of multi-industry application expansion. At the same time, the advanced control algorithm makes the robot have the traditional cooperative robot functions such as drag teaching and collision stop.

  • * Ultra high load deadweight ratio

    • Super lightweight body, mechanical arm (including controller) dead weight only 7.2kg, payload up to 5kg, with a load weight ratio of 1:1.44, effective working radius up to 610mm.

    * Easy deployment

    • Ultra-small size, the maximum diameter of the robot arm is 11.4CM, the size of the humanoid arm, reducing the installation space requirements, more convenient and flexible.

    * Ultra-low power consumption

    • 24V DC power supply, suitable for mobile power supply, power ≦220W in ordinary working conditions, can be used in a variety of scenarios.

    * Integrated control

    • No traditional control cabinet, the controller and the mechanical arm are perfectly integrated.

    * High compatibility

    • The end of arm has a universal interface, flexible expansion, plug and play, the integrated manipulator structure still has rich interfaces, to meet the needs of multi-industry application expansion.

    * System opening

    • The open API library supports C/C++ programming language, supports Windows/Linux/ROS robot operating system and a variety of communication protocols.

    * Security and flexible

    • Drag programming, can fully reproduce drag track; With built-in torque sensor, when the collision reaches the maximum torque, the robot will stop in time to avoid injury to people or equipment.

    * Wireless portable interconnection

    • Intelligent terminal can control mechanical arm through wired and wireless connection, arbitrary switching, convenient and fast, get rid of the control cable bondage.

    * Modular Design

    • Integrated modular design, convenient disassembly, low maintenance cost, high efficiency.

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