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Xiaoqiang is a general purpose ROS develping platform. It has powerful computational power, long battery endurance and the nimble movement ability. Xiaoqiang is very suitable for developmenting the Ros navigation and the computer vision algorithm. Xiaoqiang has four-wheeled structure, the front two active wheels, and two omni-directional wheels on the back. Such a structure can guarantee the accuracy of the turning angle. The wheel used the rubber material which is not easy to skid to ensure the accuracy and stability of the movement again. Xiaoqiang's main controller is a i7 processor mini computer, contains 8G memory and 64G solid-state drives. This hardware configuration guarantees the strong compute ability of the Xiaoqiang. The battery is 12V 20AH lithium polymer battery, which can be guaranteed to be used for seven hours continuously.

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Hardware Info

  • i7-5500U processor 1.8GHz CPU Turbo 3.0GHZ
  • 8G Memory
  • 64G SSD
  • The power supply battery is 12V 10AH polymer lithium battery.
  • Rated output voltage is 36V. Rated output current is 5 A, output power 180W. Xiaoqiang mini can be used for up to 4 hours under high power usage.
  • Max Speed: 0.8m/s
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1.5m/s^2
  • Max Angle Speed: 230 deg/s
  • Maximum angular acceleration: 660 deg/s^2
  • 8 USB with 4 USB3.0 and 4 USB2.0
  • 60fps 178° camera
  • MPU9250 9-axis high-precision gyroscope


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