Backed by a redis key-value store, a rocon hub provides a centralised place to store relevant information for multiple ros systems interacting over a LAN. It's most common use is to act as a kind of name server assisting ros subsystems to find each other (gateway model).

Gateway Hubs

The gateway model uses the hub to databases gateway, connection and network status information for each gateway. It also provides redis communication channels for multimaster interactions between the gateways themselves.

Starting a Hub

The hub (and redis server) is not terribly fussy and can be launched in various ways. It can be started without a ros master, a standalone ros master, or alongside one of the ros masters (robots) that will be part of the multimaster system.

It can also be started with or without zeroconf. Starting without simply requires the zeroconf parameter to be set to false. There are two default launchers in rocon_hub that can be used to fire up 'default' hub configurations:

> roslaunch rocon_hub hub.launch
# OR
> roslaunch rocon_hub hub_no_zeroconf.launch

Currently, there is only avahi support for zeroconf on linux.



Node to run, manage the centralised redis server for multimaster gateways.


name (string, default: Rocon Hub)
  • Identifier used for selective gateway-hub connections.
port (int, default: 6380)
  • Port on which to run the redis server.
max_memory (string, default: 10mb)
  • Max. amount of memory to allocate to the redis server.
zeroconf (bool, default: true)
  • Whether to publish the redis server uri on zeroconf or not.

Of these, the name and the zeroconf flag are the most oft used. The name can be used to enable gateways to selectively filter which gateway they want to connect to via their own hub_whitelist and hub_blacklist parameters. The zeroconf flag will depend on whether you have a local zeroconf implementation. Currently only avahi on linux is supported.


Examples of how to launch a hub and use it with the gateway system can be found in the tutorials.

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