<include> tag

The <include> tag enables you to import another roslaunch XML file into the current file. It will be imported within the current scope of your document, including <group> and <remap> tags. All content in the include file will be imported except for the <master> tag: the <master> tag is only obeyed in the top-level file.


<include file="$(find pkg-name)/path/filename.launch"/>

Runs the launchfile "filename.launch" in the package "pkg-name".


  • file="$(find pkg-name)/path/filename.xml"

    • Name of file to include.

    ns="foo" (optional)

    • Import the file relative to the 'foo' namespace.

    clear_params="true|false" (optional Default: false)

    • Delete all parameters in the <include>'s namespace before launch. This feature is very dangerous and should be used with caution. ns must be specified. Default: false.

    pass_all_args="true|false" (optional Default: false) (New in Indigo and Jade as of roslaunch version 1.11.17)

    • If true, then all args set in the current context are added to the child context that is created for processing the included file. You can do this instead of explicitly listing each argument that you want to pass down.


  • <env>

    • Set an environment variable on across the entire included file.


    • Pass an argument to the included file.

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