Only released in EOL distros:  


rve_properties provides a way to store configuration data in a node similar to how the parameter server works. It differs from the parameter server in that:

  • It does not require any network lookups, so it's much faster
  • It can store arbitrary data in an efficient manner -- no serialization/deserialization required if the type remains the same
  • It can store extra metadata about a property (to, for example, notify a UI that it should display a slider with min/max/step values)
  • Multiple disconnected trees are allowed
  • It supports callbacks for when properties are modified (technically supported by the parameter server, but no client currently supports it)

A simple example of using properties:

   1 PropertyNodePtr pn(new PropertyNode);
   2 uint32_t val = 5;
   3 pn->set("foo/bar/baz", val);
   4 val = pn->get<uint32_t>("foo/bar/baz");

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