1.9.23 (2013-02-12)

  • Marked new Time features as 'experimental' in GUI
  • Small Qt bugfix

1.9.22 (2013-02-12)

  • DepthCloud Display: Added "Occlusion Compensation" to let occluded points remain and decay after a timeout

  • New Time panel: lets you synchronize everything in RViz to a single time source, e.g. to a camera image or a point cloud, or pause the time for a while
  • Added "Focus" tool to set focal point of RViz camera with a mouse click (same as pressing 'f' on keyboard)
  • Added "Publish Point" tool to allow publishing a 3D point by clicking on it
  • Added support for per-point alpha for cube/sphere/point list marker
  • TF Display now hides erroneous tf frames
  • Fixed some rendering issues with transparent markers
  • Fixed occasional flickering when hiding displays inside a camera panel via the 'visibility' property
  • Interactive Markers block mouse events while a context menu is showing to avoid sudden jumps when dragging a control afterwards

1.9.20 (2013-01-21)

  • Display relative position/rotation in TF Display tree
  • Attaching directional light to camera for better contrast
  • New 'Measure' tool to get distance between two points.
  • New 'Flat Squares' rendering mode for point clouds
  • New 'Auto Size' mode for DepthCloud display: automatically chooses the right point size based on camera intrinsics

  • Fixed correct restoration on hidden properties when loading a config file
  • Pandaboard/Assimp fixes
  • Build fixes for OSX
  • Fixed loading of camera controller settings

1.9.19 (2013-01-13)

  • Catkin related fixes
  • Bugfixes to rqt plugin mode

1.9.18 (2012-12-18)

  • Fixed-range / median window normalization for float images
  • Fixes for MacOS X

1.9.17 (2012-12-14)

  • Updated build files to latest catkin format.
  • Fixed memory leak of materials in PointCloud destructor.

  • Added explicit handling of empty marker header in interactive marker control. This is necessary when using the latest version of interactive_markers, but also backwards compatible.

  • Ported send_images test program cmake entry to catkin.
  • Added 'Buffer Length' property to Path display, so you can see a sequence of paths instead of just the latest one.
  • Added visualization support for fixed-distance rangers.
  • Fixed bug: pointclouds with uint32 encoded color were not displayed correctely.
  • Point cloud speed improvements.
  • Fixed signal handling: Control-C works again.

1.9.16 (2012-11-14)

  • Supports building in Ubuntu "quantal" release.

1.9.15 (2012-11-13)

  • Removed Python libraries from the LIBRARIES flag.

1.9.13 and 1.9.14 (2012-11-14)

  • Changed image_view cmake target to rviz_image_view to avoid namespace collision with another catkin package.
  • Fixed devel-space and install-space setup of Python binding libraries.
  • Moved plugin_description.xml to base dir to fix running in build-space.
  • Refactored interactive marker classes so they can be used in other displays (needed for moveit rviz plugin).
  • Trangle list marker: added support for per-face color in addition to per-vertex color.

1.9.12 (2012-11-06)

  • Fixed version number compiled into rviz.
  • Fixed issue 546, .rviz/default.rviz created as empty file.

1.9.7 through 1.9.11 (2012-11-02)

  • Dependency and build system fixes.

1.9.6 (2012-10-31)

  • Catkin-ized rviz.
  • Removed dependence on image_geometry package by copying a tiny amount of code from there into depth_cloud_display.cpp.
  • Bugfix: made triangle list marker selectable again
  • Removed point sprite materials: GL_POINT_SIZE_MAX is fairly limited, also on nvidia cards and results in incorrect rendering of large points.
  • Added alpha rejection point cloud sphere selection scheme.
  • Fixed non-standard variable declaration in depth shaders to support Intel gpus.

1.9.5 (2012-10-19)

  • Added Property::childListChanged() signal.
  • Added option for Tools to add Properties during use and have them show up.
  • Fixed a load/save bug in QuaternionProperty and VectorProperty.

  • Fixed python binding issues.
  • Moved binding type printout out of init.py and into test program.

  • Added VisualizationFrame::setHideButtonVisibility(bool) function to give API control over tall dock-hiding buttons.

  • Fixed error in bool_property.sip.
  • Fixed shiboken binding of Display by writing binding for BoolProperty which was introduced as an intermediate superclass at some point.

  • Updated python_sample.py to modern python_qt_binding import style.
  • Moved frame_test.py into src/test and renamed to python_sample.py to better reflect what it actually is.
  • Fixed version file handling for git.
  • Added 3d_cursor support to interactive markers. This adds API support for 3D mouse-like input devices.

1.9.4 (2012-10-15)

  • CMake fixes for shiboken Python bindings.
  • Arrow API change.

1.9.3 (2012-10-15)

  • Changed means by which sip_configure.py is found from python_qt_binding.

1.9.2 (2012-10-12)

  • Fixed rviz's init.py file to use new python_qt_binding import.

  • Added stack dependency on interactive_markers necessitated by move to unary stacks.

1.9.1 (2012-10-12)

  • rviz Catkin-ized and split into a unary stack in its own repo. Changes before this release were made to the visualization stack. Changes after this were made to rviz and interactive_markers, along with a few to the new version of visualization which is just a meta-package pointing at rviz and interactive_markers.

  • Now depend on urdf and urdf_interface packages instead of larger robot_model stack.
  • Common point cloud code refactored for efficiency and flexibility.
  • Added Python bindings for many important classes.
  • Added buttons which collapse or expand left and right dock areas.
  • Added Display Group capability.
  • Added icons for displays, panels, tools. Icon now appears next to mouse cursor to indicate current tool behavior.
  • Changed scale and radius settings for arrows, so that their behavior now matches their documentation. This results in much fatter arrows, since the docs said "radius" and previously that number was divided by 2 to compute the resulting diameter. Now that number is multiplied by 2 to compute the diameter (which is mathematically correct), resulting in arrows which are 4 times fatter. Please divide down your arrow radius numbers as needed. This affects arrow markers as well as the C++ API for creating Arrow objects.
  • Fixed point cloud box shaders so they work on ATI cards.
  • Switched to shader-based picking, rather than texture-based. Mostly an internal change, but one result is that the "F" key for focusing on a 3D point now works on just about all visible objects instead of only a few as it was before.
  • Changed selection and depth debugging from Ogre textures layered on top of regular view to now use ROS Image message publishing instead.
  • Interactive markers: menu control now opens up menu on left-click.
  • Added "Near clip distance" property into ViewController base class.

  • Added status bar to main window with notes about what each mouse button does in each situation.
  • Rewrote property system. In the new version, Property objects own their data and inform the outside of changes by emitting Qt signals.
  • Refactored widget code from CameraDisplay and ImageDisplay into Display, so now any Display can have an "associated widget" which appears when the display is enabled and disappears when it is disabled.

  • Added Python support for load() and save() functions, so Python programs can now use config files which include pieces which can be passed to RViz classes.
  • Added a pure virtual superclass of VisualizationManager called DisplayContext, which is used by Displays and most other plugin classes. Allows for easier mocking in tests.

  • Added Reset button to main status bar.
  • Added display visibility control for CameraDisplay, so you can choose which Displays get rendered in a CameraDisplay window.

  • Removed dependency on visualization_common stack, replaced it with direct use of system-installed Ogre package. Moved remaining ogre_tools functionality into rviz.

  • Fixed bug #5353, per-element alpha handling in marker messages.
  • Fixed bug #4584, OccupancyGrid (map) display now shows shades of gray.

  • Cleaned up Ogre logging behavior.
  • Removed dependency on nvidia's "Cg" compiler by converting all Cg shaders to GLSL.
  • ViewController objects now handle their own keyboard events, so new ViewController plugins can define keyboard controls as well as mouse controls.

  • Changed splash image.
  • Added "depth cloud" plugin to default plugins. Depth clouds are point cloud displays which subscribe to depth image messages instead of point cloud messages, so they are much less data. This is useful for viewing the output of range imagers.
  • Fixed bug #5509, RobotModelDisplay status when switching tf prefix.

  • Added ability to write plugins for Tools and ViewControllers.

  • Fixed bug #5498, added compile support for assimp version 3, thanks to a patch from jamuraa.
  • Implemented RobotLink::setColor() and ::unsetColor(). Also added Robot::getLinks() so users can iterate over all links. This allows Display subclasses and other API users to set custom colors for each link of a robot model.

  • Added "Queue Size" property to many displays, so user can set the tf::MessageFilter queue length. Useful for situations where tf data is delayed substantially from message data.

  • "Target Frame" property moved from global properties area into ViewController subclasses. This increases flexibility for ViewController plugin authors who no longer have to support old "Target Frame" behavior of tracking position but not orientation of the target frame.

  • View controllers now use a Property tree view similar to Displays. This allows individual properties of view controllers to be viewed and edited by hand, and also allows greater freedom to implementors of new view controllers.
  • Fix for bug #5475, large meshes don't render correctly. This detects over-sized vertex buffers (>65535) and uses 32-bit index buffers for them.

  • Added floating point image support.
  • Added templated MessageFilterDisplay superclass to streamline Displays based on tf::MessageFilter.

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