Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

A simple software concert describing how multiple robots launched in simulation can be used by the concert framework. This package follows the same pattern as turtle_concert.

The segbot_gazebo_concert package provides a simple demo which demonstrates running the Robotics in Concert framework with multiple simulated robots in Gazebo.


  • You'll need to install the Robotics in Concert framework. Follow the instructions at rocon/Tutorials/indigo/Installation to install hydro-devel sources into your catkin workspace.

  • Install all the code from the UTexas BWI project (As of May 3 2014, this package is only available in ros-shadow-fixed):

    sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-bwi-desktop
  • Install the UTexas Rocon code using this rosinstall entry:
    - git: {local-name: bwi_guidance, uri: '', version: master}
    - git: {local-name: rl_pursuit, uri: '', version: master}
    - git: {local-name: segbot_rocon, uri: '', version: master}

Running the demo

You can launch the Gazebo Concert Demo using the following command:

  • rocon_launch segbot_gazebo_concert gazebo.concert --screen

If all goes well, you should see 2 segway robots running around in (not-so-perfect) squares inside the Gazebo visualizer.

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