Shared_serial is a server that handles concurrent access to a serial port. This may be useful when multiple devices are connected to the same multi-drop bus (e.g. RS485) and you want to keep the system modular. It comes with a C++ client library for easy access, but can be used through normal messages and services as well.

To launch the node, use a launch file that sets the port and baud rate, like in

        <node name="motor_comm" pkg="shared_serial" type="server">
                <param name="port_name" value="/dev/ttyUSB0"/>
                <param name="port_type" value="RS485_FTDI"/>
                <param name="baud_rate" value="921600"/>

Possible port types are RS232, RS485_FTDI, RS485_EXAR, RS485_SMSC and TCP. For TCP, the port name is "ip:port". The default 3mxl baud rate is 921600.

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