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  • Bring native ROS communication to low-resource devices
  • Bring standard ROS to ARM processors


  • Tully Foote
  • Morgan Quigley
  • Christian Holl
  • Marcus Liebhardt
  • Nikolai Ensslen
  • Gonçalo Cabrita
  • Anthony Lucente
  • Paul Mathieu

Mailing list:


  • "Embedded"
    • Devices: ARM Cortex A (32bit), Intel Atom (64bit)
    • Capable of running standard ROS (roscpp, roscore)
  • "Small Embedded"
    • Devices: ARM Cortex M (32bit), AVR (8-32bit), XMOS (32bit)
    • Requires light-weight ROS implementation (µROSnode, rosc) or ROS proxies (rosserial, rosbridge)

Implemented new features

ROS on Embedded

  • A widely-applicable cross-compile tool chain for ROS packages using the OpenEmbedded/Yocto infrastructure

Proposed new features


  • armhf deb packages for Raspbian
    • A ROS repository for Raspbian will be created with binary packages that will be installed with a simple 'apt-get install', in the same fashion as it is done in a Ubuntu PC
  • armhf deb packages
  • Improvements to catkin: support building for armhf (ARMv6+VFPv2 / ARMv7-A+Thumb-2+VFPv3D16)
  • Cross-compile instructions for ARM

ROS on Small Embedded devices

  • Earlier solutions
    • rosserial - general protocol for sending ROS messages over serial links

    • rosbridge_suite - a JSON API to ROS functionality for non-ROS programs

  • New solutions since this SIG
    • µROSnode - Lightweight ROS client in ANSI C

    • rosc - A portable, dependency-free ROS client library in pure C


  • ROS for Products Workshop (Mountain View, 6-7 Feb 2013)
  • ROS Industrial & Products Meeting after ROSCon 2013 (Stuttgart, 12 May 2013)


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