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Starting a set of Controllers

Description: How do we start a given set of controllers, to move the joint by controlling their positions, their velocity, or the forces applied.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


You need to start a set of controllers to be able to follow a target (which can be a target for the position / velocity / effort / ...) with the joints.

Different controllers are available, for more information on what they do and how they work, please refer to the sr_edc_mechanism_controllers wiki page.

Starting a set of controllers

You can start a set of controllers by using the provided launch files:

$ roslaunch sr_edc_launch sr_edc_position_controllers.launch

You can use any of the following launch files:

  • sr_edc_effort_controllers.launch

  • sr_edc_mixed_position_velocity_controllers.launch

  • sr_edc_position_controllers.launch

  • sr_edc_velocity_controllers.launch

The parameters for the controllers are loaded from the yaml file contained in the sr_edc_controller_configuration package.

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