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The Stanford/Berkeley Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control (STARMAC) is a multi vehicle testbed used to demonstrate new concepts in multi-agent control on a real-world platform. For more information: http://hybrid.eecs.berkeley.edu/starmac


starmac-ros-pkg hosts ROS stacks used for flying quadrotors. This software aims to provide much of the common functionality required for experimentation on small quadrotor UAV platforms. At present one vehicle, the Ascending Technologies Pelican, is supported. However the design aims to be vehicle-agnostic and easily adapted to another vehicle with similar capabilities (such as our lab's own STARMAC II design).

You can browse the code and bug reports from the bitbucket project page.


See starmac-ros-pkg/SupportedRobots.


Version History

See starmac-ros-pkg/ChangeList

Getting Started

See starmac-ros-pkg/Tutorials/Installation.

General Information


Please see starmac_flyer/ROS API Overview.



See starmac-ros-pkg/Roadmap.

Mailing List

  • https://lists.eecs.berkeley.edu/sympa/info/starmac-ros-pkg-users

    • To subscribe, click the above link and look for 'Subscribe' button on the left.
    • The default (and the default apparently can't be changed) receiving mode is 'summary' which means you'll only get a single message per day. If you'd rather get messages as they are sent then click the above link, go to 'Subscriber Options' and change the receiving mode there.
    • You can browse the archives anonymously with either the above link or the below Nabble link.
  • Nabble Archive: http://starmac-ros-pkg-users.985556.n3.nabble.com/

Bug Reports

Users are encouraged to submit bug reports and requests for feature enhancements (patches welcome!) here: https://bitbucket.org/bouffard/starmac-ros-pkg/issues


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