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starmac_flyer: flyer_common | flyer_controller | flyer_est

Package Summary

Operation of an autonomous quadrotor vehicle: manual and autonomous control, interfaces to hardware, etc. Packages in this stack should be intended primarily for on-board use. Packages that will not be used on board (e.g. ground stations, post processing, etc.) should go in the starmac_ground stack instead.

This stack is part of a collection of related stacks in the starmac-ros-pkg repository. Please consult the repository wiki page for high-level documentation.

/!\ NOTE this stack is currently at a very early pre-release stage.



  • flyer_common - Libraries and scripts specific to starmac_flyer. Launch files.

  • flyer_controller - Control and teleoperation. High-level control manager and individual control modes.

  • flyer_est - State estimation

  • flyer_sim - Simulated quadrotor


See starmac_flyer/ROS API Overview.

Bug Reports

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