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Robot manipulation

Description: How to move and delete robots in the environment, using command-line tools

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Using robot_handler to add, delete and move a robot

Assuming you have a stdr_server_node running, with a map loaded from previous tutorial, we are going to add a robot using command-line tool robot_handler. More detailed documentation about robot_handler here.

Adding a robot

We will add a new robot to x=9, y=7, theta=1.57. In a new terminal, run:

$ roscd stdr_resources
$ rosrun stdr_robot robot_handler add resources/robots/pandora_robot.yaml 9 7 1.57

Launching STDR GUI, to visualize

In a new terminal, run:

$ roslaunch stdr_gui stdr_gui.launch

You should see something like this:


Moving the robot to a new pose

We will move the robot to x=2, y=2, theta=0. Run:

$ rosrun stdr_robot robot_handler replace /robot0 2 2 0

You should see that the robot moved successfully in the desired pose:


Deleting a robot

We are going to delete the robot with name /robot0. Run:

$ rosrun stdr_robot robot_handler delete /robot0

To learn how to manipulate a robot using the STDR GUI, follow this tutorial.

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