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Package Summary

Display images from stereo pairs in red-cyan anaglyph mode.



A table top scene during teleoperation.


A view through the narrow stereo cameras.


  • A functioning ROS install, and checked out copy of gt-ros-pkg.
  • Images captured by a stereo pair published on topics: /CAMERA_NAME/left/image_rect_color and /CAMERA_NAME/right/image_rect_color
  • Red-cyan stereo glasses.


If you are on a machine configured to communicate with a PR2, run this node by executing:

rosrun stereo_anaglyph -d /wide_stereo -d 20

If you are not on a PR2, replace /wide_stereo with a topic of your choice. The -d option here controls the separation distance. To get a feel for what this should be, launch the node then press the left and right arrow key while the stereo-anaglyph window has focus. The goal here is to control the image separation such that the disparity presented to you eye is not too large. A large disparity typically results in seeing double instead of true depth.


Typical images from from /wide_stereo.

One thing to note on the /wide_stereo images is that it'll be difficult to adjust the disparity such that subjects far away and subjects close up has appropriate disparity for stereo integration. This is a known limitation of the system.

Tweak for Higher Frame Rates

To view video at higher frame rates interleave two republish nodes, one for each image stream. The two launch files provided pr2_narrow_stereo_view.launch and pr2_wide_stereo_view.launch does this by default. Run them with the command:

roslaunch stereo_anaglyph pr2_wide_stereo_view.launch

For reference, this launch file contains:

    <node pkg="image_transport" name="left_cam_republish_wide"  type="republish" args="theora in:=/wide_stereo/left/image_rect_color raw out:=/wide_stereo_raw/left/image_rect_color" respawn="true"/>
    <node pkg="image_transport" name="right_cam_republish_wide" type="republish" args="theora in:=/wide_stereo/right/image_rect_color raw out:=/wide_stereo_raw/right/image_rect_color" respawn="true"/>
    <node pkg="stereo_anaglyph" name="anaglyph_view_wide" type="" args="-c /wide_stereo_raw -d 56"/>

Command Line Interface

./ --help
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -c CAM      which camera to listen to
  -d DIST     separation distance


Displays images in red-cyan anaglyph mode

Subscribed Topics

/CAMERA_NAME/left/image_color_rect (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • left image
/CAMERA_NAME/right/image_color_rect (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • right image

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