April 3, 2013

  • Moved to BitBucket, issue numbering re-started at 1.

  • Addressed issue 7. This allows the user to select coordinate systems or axes from subcomponents. This is handy because coordinate systems can be static in a subcomponent, but they can be moved to different positions without updating the reference geometry. However, because the save-as-stl only works with the top level reference coordinate systems, it now has to open the component document and save it separately as an STL.

  • Added two launch files (display.launch, gazebo.launch) that bring up the robot in rviz or gazebo respectively. Very helpful. Joint_state_publisher isn't launching yet. Will look into it.
  • Created a new SIG, joint the list at ros-sig-solidworks@googlegroups.com


Jan 23, 2013

  • Fixed ticket #34 so assemblies can now be selected as components again.

  • Addressed ticket #35, which allows you to now specify a custom global origin coordinate system.

  • Fixed ticket #36, so now the exporter will output in en-US numbering format regardless of the region. Prior it would use the users localization, which breaks URDF files.

  • Comboboxes were automatically sorting, now they are ordered according to how they are listed in the design tree
  • Fixed a bug with limit mates.

V1.0 Build 4714.35040

  • The mass properties now include all bodies of the link's associated components. So now the mass and MoM match the mass properties dialog in SolidWorks

  • Part Exporter is now working again. It was broken in 4699.29466

V1.0 Build 4713.24302

  • The mass properties (mass, moment of inertia) are now taken of only each link's associated components. It used to get the mass properties of the entire assembly, which was a bug.

V1.0 Build 4699.29466

  • The limit velocity wasn't properly saved, so it wouldn't remember this text box was changed. Addressed ticket #30

  • The exporter would set all optional fields to 0, even if they were undesired. Now, optional fields are left blank and only filled in with a 0 when it needs to maintain a valid URDF. I.e. If you fill in a lower limit on a joint, it will add 0s to effort and velocity, which are required for joint limits. Addressed ticket #31

  • The exporter now improved the creation of the reference coordinate systems for origins, by finding an origin along it's axis as close to the parent link joint origin as possible. Addressed ticket #33

  • You can now create component free links as long as they don't have any children and you have specified a coordinate system. This should make it easy to build the sensor frames. Addressed ticket ticket #27

  • Added some progress bars. I think they still need some work. Address ticket #13

  • The name of the URDF will no longer be base_link.urdf. Instead it will take the name of the package you created.

V1.0 Build 4668.40420

  • Changed how joint axis values are changed so that they aren't recalculated each time a joint is selected, only when the pull down menu is changed. This will allow you to manually enter new values into the axis property boxes and have them saved.
  • Axis values are now thresholded so that if any value is below 0.00001, it is set to 0.
  • The texture file location is now written to the URDF and it is properly copied into the textures directory.
  • The joint properties page has been changed so that only the joints are listed in the tree.
  • A bug that left floating components fixed after the geometries are built has been fixed
  • If a reference geometry is deleted before a configuration is loaded that references it, it will automatically generate it when clicking preview.

V1.0 Build 4668.42046

  • Bug where all child components were exported with the mesh of the parent link is fixed.
  • There were some other bugs that were fixed too. Forgot what they were.

V1.0 Build 24008

  • Initial release

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