This package is for target object detection package, which handles point clouds data and recognize a trained object with SVM.

An example of using the packages can be seen in Robots/CIR-KIT-Unit03.


  • PCL 1.7+
  • boost
  • ROS(indigo)


This package is using 3D pointcloud(pointcloud2) to recognize.

$ roslaunch target_object_detector target_object_detector.launch

Subscribed Topics

tf (tf/tfMessage)
  • Transforms (/map, /base_link and sensor_frame)
/amcl_pose (geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped)
  • Robot's estimated pose in the map, with covariance.
/hokuyo3d/hokuyo_cloud2 (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • Output of measured point cloud in PointCloud2 message type which contains all multi echos with intensity. Published on demand.



First, make dataset/traian directory in this pkg. Then move there.

roscd target_object_detector
mkdir -p dataset/train
cd dataset/train

Run the segmentation node in the directory.

rosrun target_object_detector segment_cluster_creator_node

Take a poingcloud by running the robot or play bag file include pointclioud2 msg. You will get a lot of pcd files in the directory. Next, classify the pcd files.

rosrun target_object_detector train_data_create_tool

After classified all pcd files, you will get train.csv in the directory. Third, making svm model.

roscd targe_object_detector/src/libsvm/tools/
python path/to/train.csv

Human detection

Actual detection

roslaunch target_object_detector target_object_detector.launch

Fake detaction

You can utilied fake_target_detector to assume a target is virtually detected, if you just check navigation behaivior ***without actual human detection.***

A virtually detected target human point can be set by clicking a point in a map with Publish point in Rviz.

The following command shows a coordinate of clicked point.

rostopic echo /clicked_point

Save the coordinate x, y totargetlist/targetlist.csv ([a sample file](

To place an virtual target, run the following command.

rosrun fake_target_detector fake_target_detector

Bounding boxes will be showin at positions specified in targetlist.csv and the virtually detected positions are also to be published.

Common specification

Satisfying all of the following conditions invoke approching to a target.

* A currently reached waypoint is placed in detecting area. * A target human is within 5 [m] from the robot. * The target is ***NOT*** close to points where other targets are previously detected.

Example of usage in GAZEBO

Start GAZEBO world with human models.

roslaunch cirkit_unit03_autorun autorun_gazebo_with_human.launch

Tune robot position with 2D Pose Estimate on Rviz.

Move Human models to an arbitary place on Rviz, if needed.

Run detector.

roslaunch target_object_detector target_object_detector.launch

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