API review

Proposer: Tully Foote

Present at review:

  • Eric
  • Wim
  • John
  • Tully


There are many packages using Euler angles throughout the ROS system. It would be nice to standardise as much as possible.

If you know of a package which uses Euler angles please add it to the list below.

Packages with Conventions

  • bullet -- Euler YXZ/ZYX
  • tf -- Euler YXZ/ZYX
  • kdl -- around fixed axes RPY (XYZ), Euler ZYZ/ZYX.
  • geometry_msgs: -- around fixed axis RPY (XYZ)
  • robot_pose_ekf: -- around fixed axis RPY (XYZ)
  • urdf: -- around fixed axis RPY (XYZ)
  • kdl_parser: -- around fixed axis RPY (XYZ)
  • gazebo: -- around fixed axis rpy (XYZ)


Meeting agenda

  • This will start with a survey from now until Tuesday.
  • Tuesday I will gather the results and try to develop a consensus.


  • /!\ Standardize on fixed axis RPY (XYZ)

  • {X} Add setRPY/getRPY methods to bullet.

  • {X} Deprecate confusing usages of quaternion and matrix3x3 constructor and setEulerZYX as they are contaminated.

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