TF bridge for ROS web clients


The tf2_web_republisher package can be used to throttle and precompute tf transform information to be sent to via the rosbridge_suite to a ros3djs web client. The tf2_web_republisher is developed as part of the Robot Web Tools effort.

ActionLib Interface

This ROS node starts an actionlib server that listens for TF transformation requests.

string[] source_frames
string target_frame
float32 angular_thres
float32 trans_thres
float32 rate
geometry_msgs/TransformStamped[] transforms
  • "source_frames" - array of TF source frames strings
  • "target_frame" - target_frame string
  • "angular_thres" - update threshold for rotations
  • "trans_thres" - update threshold for translations
  • "rate" - maximum update rate of geometry_msgs/TransformStamped messages on the feedback channel. Each feedback message contains a stamped transform for each specified source_frame.

For more information and examples visit Robot Web Tools

Source Code

Source code is available at


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact us at any point with questions and comments.

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