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Package Summary

ROS device driver for communication with TS sensors.


This package functions as a device driver for a Toposens 3D ultrasonic sensor. It can be used to setup a serial connection to the sensor, parse the received data string and publish it as a toposens_msgs/TsScan.

ROS Nodes


translates the raw datastream of a Toposens 3D ultrasonic sensor into messages of type toposens_msgs/TsScan

Published Topics

ts_scans (toposens_msgs/TsScan)
  • The messages are published with the same rate the data is received through the serial port.


~port (std_msgs/String)
  • terminal ID that the sensor is connected to (e.g. ttyUSB0)
~frame_id (std_msgs/String)
  • frame ID in which the data is published
~echo_rejection_threshold (int)
  • minimum amplitude for an echo to be considered valid (sent to sensor)
~noise_indicator_threshold (int)
  • normalized noise level on ADC signals to mark processed points as noisy (sent to sensor)
~num_pulses (int)
  • number of ultrasonic pulses emitted in every transmission cycle (sent to sensor)
~peak_detection_window (int)
  • kernel size applied on ADC signals for peak detection (sent to sensor)
~external_temperature (double)
  • temperature value used to calibrate speed-of-sound (only used if use_external_temperature == true) (sent to sensor)
~use_external_temperature (bool)
  • if true uses external_temperature to calibrate speed-of-sound, otherwise uses value provided by on-board temperature sensor

Most of the parameters are used by the sensors firmware and are therefore sent to the sensor via the serial port. For a more detailed description of these parameters see this tutorial.

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