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Package Summary

Operational sync of multiple TS sensors.


This package enables simultaneous use of multiple TS3 devices in a sensor system. It administers the lifecycle and ultrasonic emission characteristics of each sensor to coordinate incoming datastreams. Is is designed as a thin layer handling multiple toposens_driver::Sensor instances that individually encapsulate all the device communication and logic flow.

ROS Nodes


triggers the connected sensors alternately and polls the data from them

Published Topics

ts_scans (toposens_msgs/TsScan)
  • The messages are published alternately in the frames of the individual sensors.


~ports (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue)
  • array of terminal IDs that the individual sensors are connected to (e.g. ttyUSB0)
~frame_ids (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue)
  • array of frame IDs in which the data is published (element [i] is mapped to element [i] of ~ports)

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