Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Turtlebot-Android Pairing.
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Building Existing Android Apps

Description: Installation and build instructions for existing TurtleBot Android applications.

Keywords: Android applications installation TurtleBot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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This tutorial shows how to download sources for building existing turtlebot android apps.


There are two ways to get and install the sources depending on whether you want to work in a fused ros-studio environment or just an android studio environment.

Ros Environment

This lets you download all the source stacks together and manage the compile easily with catkin.

> cd ~/android/src/
> wstool set turtlebot_android --git --version=hydro-devel
> wstool update turtlebot_android

Note that you can still import the stacks individually into Android Studio once you've done this initial build.

Android Studio Environment

Import one stack at a time into Android Studio and just work with that (mostly of interest will be android_core, android_apps, turtlebot_android and android_remocons stacks).

  • Download and install the new android studio+sdk.

  • Clone the repository you want to build, e.g.

> git clone

Installing and Uninstalling

Command Line

An example for the follower app:

# Look in the build folder for the apk file; note that you can only install debug versions of unsigned apps
> adb -d install -r ./src/turtlebot_android/follower/build/apk/follower-debug-unsigned.apk
# The name for uninstalling comes from bin/AndroidManifest.xml
> adb uninstall com.github.turtlebot.turtlebot_android.follower

Android Studio

Some simple instructions here.

Try the Apps


Assuming you have a fully installed appable turtlebot, launch the bootstrap configuration:

> rocon_launch turtlebot_bringup bringup.concert


Install the follower app via Android Studio or command line to your device (see above how to do this).

Launch the app and connect to a turtlebot configured with a publicly known ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_HOSTNAME.

What's Next?

If you're interested in building your own apps for robot-android pairing, you may want to also check the rocon_app_platform pages for more detailed information and tutorials.

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